The 4AM Mom Club Logo

What is the 4AM Mom Club?  

The 4AM Mom Club is a community of mamas who are just like you.  A community of hope and inspiration.  A community of companionship and probably an occasional cuss word. We are a community built by you, facilitated by individuals you can relate to. 

What is included in a membership? 

— Access to a private support group online (away from social media)

— Specialized smaller tribes based on similarities (for example: specific diagnosis’s, common locations/regions, moms who’s child has passed, or maybe just moms who like wine…)

— Small group meet ups as we grow (hopefully in person but definitely online!) We call this “4AM Coffee and Cocktails” – you pick which beverage you prefer. 

Real time chats within the community

Why is there an application?

This community is only accessible to members who have gone through the application process and have been approved by our admins because we want this to be a safe place for mamas to laugh, cry, commiserate and vent in a safe, supportive environment.

Why do I have to pay and how much does it cost to join your club?   

The 4AM Mom Club is a hosted by When Autumn Comes Podcast.

The fee to join the club is $20. However, you can offer more in order to support another moms who may not have the means to cover the fee (because as we all know, special needs and medical parenting is expensive).

The membership joining fees are used to provide and reduce the cost of programming for the 4AM Mom Club members. Additionally, as funding allows, the 4AM Mom Club will assist Mothers around the country who may need help with bills, adaptive toys or other needs for their families.

No mom is ever turned away because she can’t pay this fee. Please email to inquire about assistance.

You will receive a PayPal invoice at the email address you listed above.

We are waiving the joining fees through March 2021. 

We are Social!

Let's catch up, in our free time, when we aren't at PT, searching for a home health nurse or are cleaning up a questionable fluid that may or may not be vomit and/or poop... We are on the usual social media outlets and in the 4AM Mom Club Community. Find us!