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Diane and family

Our Mission.

When Autumn Comes is a Podcast and Community (4AM Mom Club) for medical and special needs moms (and the people who love them) who are navigating through the complexities of a life they never expected to be living. In each episode, we share beautiful, heart wrenching stories and experiences from one mama to another.   

Meet Susan.

Susan is the crazy mama who decided she needed more to juggle so why not create a podcast?!

She loves wine, The Golden Girls and waterfront views.  You can get to know her (and Diane) better when you Meet the Hostesses of When Autumn Comes. 

You can find Suz across the internet at these lovely hotspots:

Susan and Family
Diane and family

Meet Diane.

 Diane is the fun and fashionable one who keeps Susan in check. 

She loves being a soccer mom, Schitt’s Creek and being with family. You can get to know Diane (and Suz) better on our Meet the Hostesses of When Autumn Comes page.

Outside of the podcast, you can find Diane scrolling Instagram:

We want to hear from you!

When Autumn Comes about all of our stories.  Our children give hope and touch so many lives.  We want to give you a platform to share how your little loves make a difference in the world.  Hop over to the CONTACT US PAGE and let’s connect!