Meet Your Hostesses

Meet Susan.

Susan is the crazy mama who decided she needed more to juggle so why not create a podcast?!

Her friends call her Suz. Her two favorite humans non-verbally call her Mama. Suz is married to Michael and they have two special needs, medical, Mitochondrial Disease kiddos: Lorelei and Benji. Their house is full of beautiful chaos, buckets of hope, a lot of puke from the kids and excessive fur balls from their four pets.  They all live in Suffolk, Virginia, but would relocate to Key West in a moment’s notice if there was a children’s hospital!

Susan graduated from James Madison University many, many moons ago and is now working as the marketing director of a local pediatric therapy company. She has been a blogger, writer and creator her entire life.

In the rare minutes when Susan is not being a hospital mom, marketing director,  writer, chaos coordinator, podcaster or multi-tasking ninja… you can find Suz anywhere there is water and a view.  Preferably with a glass of wine, good music and a hammock… Ha! A girl can dream right?!

You can find Suz across the internet at these lovely hotspots:

Susan and Family
Diane and family

Meet Diane.

Diane is a midwestern girl at heart, wife to Josh and mom of 3 kids living in Shakopee, Minnesota.   
When she is not running to soccer, dance, and horse lessons with her older two kids, Caleb and Nora, Diane is likely on her way to therapy clinics, advocating for IEP’s, learning to walk an unexpected life path and trying to find peace amidst an unknown diagnosis of her youngest daughter with special needs, Selah.  
Making people feel beautiful around the Twin Cities is what she loves to do.  She is a hairstylist and finds it a privilege to be able to serve and connect with all of the people that she crosses paths with in her chair.
Her true hopes and dreams are to one day not have to plan dinner and find time for a daily workout.  You can find her daydreaming about a full night of sleep, week long trips to the cabin, her next girls night, soaking in a sunrise, collecting a plethora of coffee mugs, a date night with her husband, yelling obnoxiously on the sideline of a soccer field, taking a hike and trying to find some quiet time to spend with Jesus.

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