Why Autumn?

Diane and family

What’s in the name?

We threw around a lot of possible podcast names over wine one evening. We continued the conversation a couple of days later with clearer minds. Diane felt called to incorporate the word “Autumn.”  The idea of using a season was beyond fitting, because wow, special needs parenting definitely feels like seasons, or chapters, or phases. But why Autumn? 

Autumn feels like a season of reflection.  After the hot, humid (in Virginia), busy, long days of summer, things seem to slow down in Autumn.  The crisp, cooler days are places of reflection.  We know the days are getting shorter, we know they are getting darker.  But we also find ourselves awe struck by the indescribable beauty of fall.  Autumn is the time of the year when we wrap up in warm blankets, knowing the bitter cold of winter will meet us soon enough. 
So “When Autumn Comes” seemed fitting.  The loneliness, darkness and cold of special needs parenting will always meet you.  The uncertainty always sits deep in your soul. But the beauty that surrounds you is absolutely stunning.  The warmth you feel is something to be cherished. The awe-striking perfection of each and every one of our children is indescribable. 
Also, mito spelled backwards is “otim” and when said with a strong Minnesotan accent, it sounds like Autumn.  Mito, or Mitochondrial Disease, is the disease that affects both of our families.  <3

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